Outlander whump

Outlander whump

Firstly they are all part of the original source material created by Diana Gabaldon in her long-running book series.

The second reason is the love we have for this epic romance tends to supersede any qualms we may have about the abundance of upsetting sexual encounters. If you thought the second honeymoon was over for Jamie and Claire last week, it turns out those fights were merely a prelude to the giant throwdown awaiting them at the Fraser ancestral home of Lallybroch. Essentially what happened was that Jamie returned home from his Helwater servitude inin a critically vulnerable state after having left behind his illegitimate son, Willie.

His loneliness for a family was so great that even a life with the twice-widowed Laoghaire, who had two daughters of her own, seemed a better option than spending the rest of his days alone. Yet the marriage was a disaster from the start, as Jamie had no love in his heart for the jealous lassie who pined away for him for more than 20 years. But the fact that he kept all of this from Claire and, again, married the same vindictive woman who had her tried as a witch — were royally stupid moves on his part.

Here is where we get to the heart of their year separation and how it might have irrevocably damaged their relationship. In order to save his unborn child, Jamie all but pushed an unwitting Claire back through the stones. Guess what, Jamie? If Claire leaves, it will shatter Jamie to a point of no return, and he knows it which is why he was too scared to tell her about Laoghaire in the first place.

As they struggle further, Jamie tells Claire he loves her, and then they both tumble into an impassioned embrace. All of a sudden, the violent overtones are discarded for hot, albeit rough, make-up sex. That scene was in the book, so even author Gabaldon managed to get away with not having Jamie fulfill the act of raping Claire.

Unfortunately, due to a pesky little thing called plot, we are still far from seeing the Frasers resolve their marital issues. The money comes in the form of a buried treasure Jamie discovered on an offshore island back in the third episode, and the only way to procure it is via a refreshing quarter-mile swim. Young Ian volunteers to help his injured Uncle Jamie — except, as Claire and Jamie helplessly watch from a nearby cliff, the teenager is kidnapped by some suspicious-looking pirates.

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This happens just as Claire suggests to Jamie that too much between them has changed, and that their reunion may have been a big mistake.

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Advanced Search Submit entry for keyword results. No results found.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Founder: whumpqueen - Stories: 36 - Followers: 17 - id: Completed stories only. Family Business, Too by mandancie reviews My take on what happened between the time Jamie got beaten up till everyone was sitting at Sunday dinner. This story is my first Blue Bloods fanfic, so please be kind. This story is a birthday gift for my mom.

outlander whump

If the sky comes falling down by silvermoongirl10 reviews Danny and Jamie find themselves in a bad situation. Jamie is trapped and Danny refuses to leave him behind. Which one will get his way? And will they get out?

Sorry bad summary! Black and Blue by Evil intent reviews two criminals who Danny put in prison are out for revenge- and they'll use Jamie to get it. Breaking by crystaltears24 reviews Tag to 3x22 "The Bitter End". A missing scene in which Jamie breaks down after the loss of a close friend.

Don't read if you haven't seen the season three two-part finale. Revenge by ThisOldGirl reviews Jamie had no idea when he agreed to collect Nicki what was about to happen. Sometimes revenge is a dish best served cold.

outlander whump

My first ever fanfiction. Will this tear the family to pieces? Instincts by LastChancetoBreathe reviews Everyone in my family's been at this longer than I have, everyone knows better than me what they could do in these situations. It's hard enough to go at this as a rookie, but as a Reagan? It's twice the pressure. Tag to "Moonlighting. Renzulli - Complete.Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over U.

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Three rows: Coming off my review of the surprisingly third-row-less large luxury SUV Volkswagen Touareg, I thought I'd compare a pair of crossovers SUVs on a less truck-like platform that surprised me by having a third row.

With the Mitsubishi Outlander, I actually had a "Holy smokes, there's a third row back here" moment while loading some cargo. Compromise: Still, I foresaw less-than-happy Sturgis Kids.

The back rows in both are cramped and not for the faint of heart or the middle of age. The Kia Sorento matches many third rows in vehicles of its genre, putting my knees in the air and discomfort everywhere.

Get the news you need to start your day. But the Outlander rear row goes where few have gone before. When Sturgis Kid 1. Well, technically, the seat is a piece of cloth stretched over a metal bar, but the idea is similar. So, truly, these are not for families like mine, featuring kids 1.

Setting it up: Getting the backseat into place in the Sorento was unremarkable. Pull the seat up and into place, much like other SUVs. The Outlander adds a bit of drama.

A strap sticking out by the liftgate is the only real clue a seat rests underneath the cargo bay. Pull it up and the seat goes about halfway out. An Ikea-worthy drawing left me a little puzzled, and half searching for a special Allen key to finish the job. But dig out the other strap, give it an Outlandish tug, and whump! Getting back there: The Outlander's middle seats moved out of the way, so at least getting to the derriere-numbing aft was less painful.

The Sorento required more of a scramble over the middle row. Storage: Both vehicles feature a nice storage compartment behind the second row. But when the third row is in use, luggage space in the Kia is merely a wish, even worse than the GMC Yukon Denali I moaned about back in the fall. The Outlander, surprisingly, has room for a few small bags, slightly more spacious than, say, a Mazda5. First two rows: Both the Sorento and the Outlander make the first five occupants feel right at home, though.

The comfortable leather seats really set up a caste system. Both models also come in five-passenger versions. The Kia pretty much looks the same from edition to edition. The test model featured a 2. A new year: Though Kia switched the Sorento over to the model year in late winter, the crossover received only packaging adjustments, not a revamping.

The Touareg actually was revamped for the model year.It started out as just an idea on the Whumpshire Discord Chat: What if our community had a database where everyone could share their favorite whumpy moments for all to see?

What if there was a place to go and search for new whump whenever we felt like it? To view The Whumpapedia in easy to search spreadsheet form, click here. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible. Active mods: fyeahvulnerablemen ouchthatwasgood the-wandering-whumper.

On "Flashpoint" the episodes are mixed up and are not corresponding with the episode. Season 5 is perfect, it's just those 4 seasons that need fixed!! It looks like it was an issue with broadcast order. Thanks for pointing the issues out!

outlander whump

Hello there. I just sent an email to whumpapedia gmail with an attached spreadsheet of about submission that I have been working on for a few days.

I still don't go to work because of virus thing so I had time to kill and since I am a kdrama fan, you'll find almost all of the submissions to be kdramas hehe. This is to all the whumpers and all the k fans out there :D. We got it and they have been added! Thank you so much for all the submissions.

The International TV tab looks much more robust now, thanks to you :. The Whumpapedia It started out as just an idea on the Whumpshire Discord Chat: What if our community had a database where everyone could share their favorite whumpy moments for all to see? Submitting By Category: These links will direct you to google docs where you can submit your entries. Recently added! Keep em coming! What a great list! Thanks so much :. Anonymous asked: I'm very excited to see so many kdramas added.

I can't wait to go watch these, thank you!Long story short, I was asked a few times to do more of my favorite whump scenarios which I will but I was also asked to provide a few examples of episodes in which my favorite whump scenario happened.

On a side note: I want everyone to know that I am making a conscious effort to swear less. I apologize if my language offends you. Hook who, may I add, is gorgeous gets hit by a car.

He breaks a few ribs and spends the entire episode and a few thereafter wincing and groaning and being beautifully whumpy; a shit load of breathlessness and pained grunting. Fuck yeah! He spends the whole of episode 6 hunching over, gasping, grunting, groaning, wincing and barely able to stand… all while being deathly pale and sweaty. Literally best whump ever.

Quanitco: season 1 episodes 7 and 8 1x07 - 1x Ryan is shot in the stomach. Alex has to perform field surgery on him.

His arm is wrapped around his stomach at all times. Plus it lasts MORE than one episode, guys! Mike warren gets stabbed in the stomach. He then checks himself out of hospital early, is forced to go undercover in prison, and is subsequently tackled to the ground.

Queue a lot of hunching over and almost-collapsing. AND in season 3 episodes 1 - 3 3x01 - 3x03 Mike is shot in the stomach. He cries out a lot, limps, and has to grab onto something as fast as he can to stop himself from collapsing OFTEN.

Plus, Tom Hardy…. Booth is injured in an explosion. He breaks a few ribs and damages his shoulder. He does go to hospital but he checks out early to save Brennan. Eventually - as predicted - he collapses and he has to be taken back to hospital.

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Fucking lovely. Season 11 episode 1 11x Booth is shot in the stomach. Rick gets beat up in a fight. We never really find out what his injuries are, but I think he broke a couple ribs; he wheezes for ages afterwards, goes sort of comatose for a while, and struggles to keep going but perseveres because he needs to.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Work Search: tip: words Right before Culloden, Jamie makes Claire promise she will be a mother to Fergus. With the deed of sasine in hand and that promise in her heart, Claire heads back to Lallybroch. Now, she is faced with the prospect of never getting to tell him, of having to raise their child without him.

Wintershield - You look like you're in pain.

She is also faced with the dangerous reality of her high risk pregnancy. And even without him, Claire can feel him keeping his promise through the love and comfort of his family, helping her bring their child into the world and raising her in his memory. On her last summer holiday before beginning nursing school, Claire meets Jamie Fraser of Lallybroch, their lives intertwining while the rest of the world is on the cusp of war.

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She knew the stories of the stones from her studies with Uncle Lamb, and it was time to answer the call, it was time to go home. It stems from a prompt I received via DM on Tumblr. Somehow, my name came up and I was asked if I would write this. I still can't believe I said yes. Prompt: what if, during the filming of episode 1x09, Caitriona got a wee bit too into the simulated sex?

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It should be dirty, hot, and have a healthy dose of feels. All holders of an English passport are ordered to leave EU territory within six weeks This story was created as part of the 14DaysofOutlander event hosted by scotsmanandsassenach.

Diese Geschichte ist im Rahmen des 14DaysofOutlander Events entstanden, der von scotsmanandsassenach. Claire can't think of anything more absurd than confessing her feelings to Jamie, her best friend, especially when she's convinced someone else could do it better.

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When Frank attempts to take custody of Brianna, she and Claire find themselves falling back through time. But Claire never wanted to return to a world that doesn't have Jamie in it, and now she's forced to navigate the dangers and protect her young daughter all alone.

But when they become separated, Claire must go to great lengths to find her, and Brianna finds safety with a kind printer Will be multi-chapter but not all chapters are finished yet.

A lot of smutty ones but will also be some more tame chapters if that's not your thing. Note: the chapters won't necessarily be in chronological order! Claire Beauchamp is travelling up to the Cairngorms to see her best friend Geillis get married. After her world in Oxfordshire is turned on it's head, can the ghillie of the local estate manage to occupy her time enough for her to realise that life is only just beginning? Claire is widowed after a tense 20 year marriage, and with her newfound freedom she decides to start over in the small tourist town of Boone, North Carolina.

Little does she know her bright future will bring her face to face with the ghosts of her past and force her to confront what two decades of deception and isolation have grown in her heart. Henry Beauchamp had a simple rule: his youngest daughter, Bianca, could only get married if her older sister, Claire, got married first.