Singer 301 case

Singer 301 case

After World War II,most sewing machine manufacturers were marketing the same machines they sold prior to the war. Singer with the Models,and There was a very desperate need for change with not only the family sewing machine but also for educators and high school home economic classes. Fortunately, Singer was already engineering a new machine to introduce for its th Anniversary that would revolutionize the sewing-machine-of-tomorrow with a dramatic departure in design to make home sewing easier and more convenient.

A machine unlike any other in the past years of sewing machine production. On 17 November Singer Manufacturing Company applied for a patent with an invention that relates to sewing machines and it has a primary objective to provide an improved sewing machine which will afford better visibility at the stitching point. The needle-bar and the presser-bar are inclined rearward between eight and sixteen degrees to a vertical plane.

It has been found that if the parts are inclined less than about eight degrees from vertical a clear stitching point is not obtained and the machine elements are located in such a position that they are likely to be contacted by the operator's head or face when they lean forward.

When the parts are inclined greater than 16 degrees, the point of the needle does not always penetrate certain types of materials but tends to be deflected upward, thereby sometimes resulting in the skipping of stitches or in the breaking of needles.

Also, with the presser-bar arranged at an angle greater than sixteen degrees to the vertical, the pressure-foot has, combined with its downward movement, and endwise movement which tends to push the work towards the front of the machine, and in a direction opposed to the direction of movement of the work by the feeding mechanism, which is objectionable.

The original design for a 15 degree inclined needle-bar was later changed to a 9 degree inclined needle-bar that was perfect. The inclined needle bar would become known as the "Slant-needle" and engineering of this new machine would continue over the next several years.

During that time Singer started construction on the new Anderson, South Carolina factory that was being built to specifically manufacture the new slant-needle sewing machines. These 30 machines went through rigorous testing and inspection of parts for several months as it was an entirely new sewing machine.

None of these 30 test machines have ever been located, most likely destroyed after testing.

Singer 301 Parts and Accessories

The new Slant-needle sewing machine would not only be marketed as a "Family Sewing Machine" but also as the "Slant Shank System" to educators and high schools that wanted the most reliable machine able to withstand the daily abuse from high school students. Singer felt that the education system would produce a new generation of sewers raised on the slant shank or Slant-needle sewing machines.

FOR SALE - Fully Restored Singer 301A (Black) with Long bed - Blasting Leather, Canvas, and MORE!!

Singer built an entirely new style electric family sewing machine, embodying many exclusive features that simplify operation, making sewing a pleasure. Made of die-cast aluminum for light weight and sturdiness. It has a concealed, built in electric motor which drives the machine through gears at any desired speed. The machine has a vertical rotary hook on a horizontal axis that makes a lockstitch. It has a reverse feeding mechanism which enables you to sew either forward or backward direction, making it easy to back-tack and to fasten the end of seams.

A convenient feed throw-out device, which renders the feed inoperative, permits darning and embroidering to be done without the use of the feed cover. It has a nine degree inclined needle-bar and pressure bar for easy vision of work. The inclined needle-bar referred to as a Slant-needle would utilize slant shank feet. Engineered for precision, sewing ease, extremely reliable, built to be sturdy and withstand daily use and abuse, and last a lifetime.This would include tables, box covers and drawers.

Because South Bend was the center of black walnut production it was an excellent location for cabinet making. In Singer Company established it own cabinet making plant. By the factory was outgrown and Singer officials advocated moving the cabinet works to Cairo, Illinois. Instead, Singer acquired the site on the west side of South Bend along Division street. Singer's Division Street plant was supposed to be the largest sewing machine cabinet making factory in the world when it was built.

The new South Bend plant covered 60 acres, including 20 acres of lumber yards. By the plant continued to grow manufacturing 10, cabinets per day and was the distribution center not only for the United States but also overseas.

Bythe South Bend plant was estimated that three-quarters of all sewing machine cases and cabinets in the world at that time were made in South Bend, with a year output of 2, cabinets.

Not only is the Singer Model and A a portable it can also be used with selected Singer Cabinets providing it has the complete Cradle and Latch assembly installed. There are many different Singer cabinets but the Singer and A will not fit in all of them. As seen below it will not fit in Cabinets No. Above is a Singer Sewing Cabinets advertisement. I personally have the "Cosmopolitan Style 88" and it fits perfectly with the cradle assembly. Machine Cradle and Latch Complete, If you have want to use your Singer or A in one of the Singer sewing cabinets shown above than you need all of these items to make it work.

Machine Cradle Part Nos. Site Map. Cabinet and Machine Head Combinations Not only is the Singer Model and A a portable it can also be used with selected Singer Cabinets providing it has the complete Cradle and Latch assembly installed. Standard Console Model No. Thank you for visiting the Singer website!Main Menu.

You can now carry your sewing machine wherever you want.

singer 301 case

Offering convenience and protection, the extremely useful Universal Fit Sewing Machine Carrying Case from Singer Sewing Company accommodates most brands of sewing and overlock machines.

Made from impact-resistant plastic, this singer machine case safely stores most overlock and sewing machines from dust. It features sturdy metal latches that enables sure and safety locking.

The built-in handle of this lightweight universal carrying case offers comfortable grip for easy carrying. Universal Fit Sewing Machine Carrying Case: Durable, impact-resistant plastic case for storing most sewing and overlock machines Dust-free environment and protection for your machine while it's not in use. Sturdy, sure-lock metal latches Lightweight for easy carrying Dimensions: 18"W x 9. In the event of a backorder or other stocking condition our Customer Service Network CSN will call or email with a shipping date.

International orders are shipped first class mail standard shipping, and priority mail.Thus far I've reviewed some of the more popular portable Kenmore and Elna vintage machines. But what about Singers? Today I'll discuss the later.

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The Singer a is an aluminum bodied full sized machine. In practice, I find that this makes little difference. I learned an interesting bit of trivia from Ray White. Apparently, the slant shank system was originally designed to target educators and schools. Purchase orders would then be drafted requiring the "Slant Shank System" thereby securing Singer's marketshare.

Pretty clever. The a features a high speed side loading rotary hook. Not too shabby, eh?

singer 301 case

The a on the other hand is a straight stitch only bare bones machine. I've taken the top off below and as you can see, it is as simple as can be. More on hook types in a future article. Here's a view from below. The machine is super accessible, remove one thumbscrew at the bottom panel to gain access to the feeding mechanism and the motor.

Not all a motors are made equal though. Earlier models have a grease tube as shown above. Newer ones do not. So how does she stitch? Absolutely beautifully and consistently! There is no contest. The upper tension adjusts by a standard external tension screw and the bobbin winder also sits externally. Flip it up to engage the bobbin tire against the hand wheel to wind, and flip it down to get it out of the way.

Another nice feature is that the sewing light sits shielded within the harp making it much harder to burn your hands while sewing. The spool pins are also springs, making them much less prone to breakage. The a comes in a variety of flavors. There are long and short bed versions.Remember Me?

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QuiltingBoard's privacy policy. Mark Forums Read. Singer Cases. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. I have a black longbed Singer A that came in a case.

While we were vacationing in Wisconsin we happened upon a tan shortbed A with a pretty battered up case. It was headed to the trash but we salvaged it. I have since got it sewing a very nice stitch. Since the case was pretty battered up my DH decided he could do a little repair work so he took my case from the black singer to use as a guide. While he had them sitting on the deep freeze in the garage together, I noticed that one was smaller than the other.

Were there different sizes in these cases because I didn't think there was any difference in the size of the machines that were sold in these cases. Here is a couple of pictures. Attached Thumbnails. View Public Profile. Send a private message to Blackberry. Find More Posts by Blackberry.

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I have not seen a case like the other one. Send a private message to amyjo. Find More Posts by amyjo. Yes, these were both cases that came with s.

My mocha longbed in in a case like the one on the right. Send a private message to Skyangel. Find More Posts by Skyangel. Send a private message to Mariposa. Find More Posts by Mariposa. Send a private message to SunlitenSmiles. Find More Posts by SunlitenSmiles. Hey Smiles Find More Posts by MattieMae. Little Sue 4. I also have both cases ans noticed one was larger than the other.

The smaller one came with my and the larger one came from my sewing machine repair man. Both are in descient condition and of course both are usuable. I use the larger one for my a plus I can place my material inside too, for when I have to travel.

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Item ships from our location. Ground shipments usually arrive within days. Condition: Brand New. Saw this item for less? Bobbin case that fits old style Singer Featherweight sewing machines. Please check your manual to verify which bobbin style is right for your machine. In a few short steps you could own the machine of your dreams with convenient monthly payments and promotional financing.

Completing the application will tell you how much credit Synchrony will extend to you. You are not charged until you place an order with SewingMachinesPlus. Read More. More images coming later.

Singer SKU: pd Product Information. Fits these machines: Singer Sewing machine models: Need more supplies? Find them below! Just add them to your bag below. Let us know if you have any questions! We're happy to help.Remember Me?

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singer 301 case

Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Canada Kate. I've had my A for about 2 weeks now and it has quickly risen to my number 1 machine. Last night I was happily sewing along when the needle hit a pin and broke off.

I removed the old needle but discovered that the needle is now hitting the bobbin case housing if that's what it is called when it goes down. It seems to be out of alignment by only a mere fraction of an inch - see photos below. If I push the needle slightly to the right it goes down fine, but only if I am pushing on it.

Singer 301 Cases

Is this something I can fix with basic household tools or does this require a trip to the Sewing Machine Hospital? If I can fix it, how do I do this? View Public Profile. Send a private message to Canada Kate. Find More Posts by Canada Kate.

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You'll need to retime it which is super easy on these. There are two small screws holding on the bobbin assembly.

Loosen the screws and you can rotate the bobbin assembly. I bet they are already a smidge loose if the assembly moved out of alignment. One of the screws is partially shown in your photo, the other is directly on the bottom of it. You can either take off the feed dogs to get to them or remove the bottom pan and get at them that way.

Attached Thumbnails. Send a private message to Candace. Find More Posts by Candace. Send a private message to janeite. Find More Posts by janeite.

OK, so I pulled a really blonde move here! I was all set to try and re-time it and thanks so much to Candace for drawing the red circle where the screws are, I would have never figured it out otherwiseand decided thta I would just take the needle out and re-insert it to make sure it was in correctly. Turns out, it wasn't and that was my problem.

I'm glad because it means that I don't have to try and re-time it, which, to be honest, made me kind of nervous. Originally Posted by Candace.

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